The bigger Picture

So, at this present moment, I have about 4 unfinished novels that I’m “working on”–all of which are at various points of completion and none of which are even close to being done. When I sit down at my computer and open up the various word documents where my characters lives remain halted, I can’t seem to think of what to write next. And then there are the days when I suddenly get a brand new idea for a brand new story/novel/novella, to add to the growing list of stuff I haven’t finished writing. It seems like I have the inspiration part down, but I can’t move on to ordering my ideas and putting them down on paper.

With one of my ‘books’, (and I use that term very loosely), I get these flashes of scenes, details i know I want to include, but the overall structure of the book has yet to come together. With another one, the part that I’ve written so far came at once, in a rush, but now its hard for me to come up with the rest of it; to answer the question of “what happens next?”. Another one has become an obsession of character and place. I can’t stop describing who these people are (what they look like, things they do, activities they enjoy) or the place where they live, long enough to develop their plot. I get so focused on details that I can’t figure out or even see the bigger picture. And the bigger picture is a vision you have to have before you can finish a novel.

So what should I do? Just write down all the details as they come to me and hope it all comes together in the end? Or be more focused and organized, force myself to think about plot and storyline to help myself get beyond character and setting?

Until I figure this out, my details won’t have a place to live because the big picture is where all the tiny details have to learn to fit.


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