“You Talk Like A White Girl!”: The Drama of Growing Up Outside the Box

As far back as I can remember there was always something that made me stand out.

From kindergarten to sixth grade it was my height and weight: I was taller (and skinnier) than all of the boys and most of the girls throughout elementary school. In class pictures from those years, I stand awkwardly on the back row of the bleachers in the gym; my pink, frilly dresses an anomaly next to the clip-on ties and black suit jackets worn by the boys who flank me on either side. They called me Olive Oil, after the super-thin character from the Popeye’s cartoon, and I endured endless taunts including the dreaded “You’re so skinny you could hula-hoop with a cheerio!”…

Read more at: http://rosalindwiseman.com/2010/04/15/you-talk-like-a-white-girl-the-drama-of-growing-up-outside-the-box/


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