Washington Life Magazine Blog Post

This blog post was actually written by Allison Ghegan, another intern at Washington Life, but I edited the video and interviewed the designers. Washington’s most fashionable philanthropists gathered for an afternoon of purpose at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and to get a close look at the runway shows of four “Project Runway” designers…. http://www.washingtonlife.com/2009/11/18/project-runway-stars-cinderella-story/

Nicer News Article: But this Love is Serious!

Literary and art inspired tattoos are becoming more and more commonplace as teens and twenty-somethings embrace various forms of artistic expression.  From photography to paintings, poetry to prose, young adults are not only being inspired by the creativity of artists past and present, but many want that inspiration permanently etched into their skin… http://www.nicernews.com/2009/10/but-this-love-is-serious/